Slot and X-Receiver


Depending on the offense, there are different types of receivers that you can line up. For instance, you can line up at the slot or on either side of the offense.

A variety of receiving positions

Despite its humble beginnings, the slot receiver has become a staple in modern day football. Whether you call it the slot or X-receiver, this position is all about size, speed and agility. It’s not uncommon to see one of these players line up between the tackle and the widest receiver on an offensive line. The slot has become one of the more prominent facets of the spread offense in recent years.

The slot is also used in conjunction with other more traditional receiving positions, like the tight end and wide receiver. The slot may also be used to set up flankers or running backs, and is often paired with an inline or undersized receiver.

Line up inside of a boundary cornerback

Traditionally, slot receivers have lined up inside of a boundary cornerback. This coverage has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. If the receiver is going to be open and run a quick pass, he has to be quick and get separation from the cornerback. This can make the slot receiver a prime target for an NFL team. However, this coverage is not as effective at stopping a deep pass. The defense will typically be exposed to a quick pass early in each play.

The slot cornerback position is now a very distinct position in the NFL. Traditionally, slot cornerbacks were backup sub-package players. They were used on passing situations when the outside cornerback was not in the game, such as a big play or an obvious pass. But contracts have yet to catch up to outside cornerbacks.

Line up on either side of the offense

Typically, there are five players on the line of scrimmage in an offensive formation. Two guards, a center, and a quarterback make up the mainstays of an offense. In some formations, a fullback or two also line up. These are typically the larger of the two, and function primarily as blockers on rushing plays.

A slot receiver was the oh so important in the past, but they have taken a back seat to the big boys in recent years. Slot-backs are typically only in certain offensive alignments. The aforementioned “big and fast” wide receivers have found their place in the modern game, and offensive coordinators are wise to their presence.

By 17Agustus2022
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