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Friday July 19 - sunday july 21, 2019

11am to 5pm Fri, 10am to 5pm Sat & Sun

Laurie Goodhart

Studio Location
1159 Co Rd 59, Cambridge, NY 12816

Artist Statement

I paint imaginary relics from ancient cultures.  The beauty, materials, and purposes of ancient artifacts from all over the world fascinate me. Humans have not changed much since we first appeared, and I look for threads of continuity in our needs and concerns.

This search has assembled itself into a body of artwork I call The Remnants And Residents Of A Lost Sanctuary Of Aphrodite. Though the visual vocabulary of the work owes a fair amount to the documented remnants, the motives underlying each painting are both current and timeless: our need for sustenance, beauty, and grace, and visions of women on their own terms. The aesthetic is my own, a hybrid of contemporary and ancient sensibilities.


Laurie Goodhart received a BFA from UAlbany in 1985, after interrupting studies to spend several years making props and set dressing for children’s theatre and opera. That deep immersion in over-life-size fantasy productions continues to inform her artwork and life as she pursues the mythic and ethereal as an artist, and the fundamental earth processes as an organic farmer.

The largest part of her oeuvre is in oil on canvas, but also includes prints, artist books, and paper mobiles. Goodhart exhibits widely and is represented in hundreds of private collections.

1159 Co Rd 59, Cambridge, NY 12816