Meet the Artists of Washington County, New York

Open studios of washington county

Friday July 19 - sunday july 21, 2019

11am to 5pm Fri, 10am to 5pm Sat & Sun

Anastasia Nute

Studio Location
896 County Rte 60, Greenwich, NY 12834, USA

Artist Statement

My eyes are enthralled daily as I explore Washington County. It is the visual beauty, the energetic buzz, and atmospheric landscape that excites and nurtures me.


Born October 17, 1952 in Seattle,WA.

Anastasia Nute has lived in Washington County for 34 years. She can often be found covered in paint as she tries to capture some of that essence.

I created and produced hand painted silk wearables and surface designed handwoven textiles for a very long time, selling my work at shows and galleries nationwide. My focus now is on two dimensional works (paint/drawing, encaustic, and printmaking).  There is a definite language cross-over between these different mediums with evidence of each influencing the other. I am often surprised that markmaking I might’ve used in a textile surface design shows up in an encaustic piece subconsciously -I do not see it until the piece is done and I step away to observe with a moment of ‘A-HA’.

896 County Rte 60, Greenwich, NY 12834, USA