Summers Day
8 x 8" oil on wood
View from the Train
12 x 12" oil on wood
Rainy Summers Day
12 x 12 " Oil on wood (mixed media)
Watercolor and Ink on 300lb paper
Ware Rabbit
11 x 15" watercolor, ink, graphite
11 x 14" watercolor and ink on 300lb paper
Good Morning
11 x 15" watercolor on paper
Thelma and the Blue Egg
11 x 14" watercolor, ink and acrylic on 300lb paper
8 x 10" watercolor, ink, acrylic on 300lb paper
Portrait of Liberty
22 x 30" oil on canvas
8 x 10" oil on canvas
8 x10" oil on canvas
16 x 20" oil on canvas
8 x 10" oil on canvas

I use three distinct styles of painting in which to create my art. The first is subjective; I paint pet portraits mostly by commission. Painting subjectively keeps me tuned-in to the fundamentals of painting that I learned 3 decades ago. It takes time, layers of paint, and patience to get the spirit of the subject.

“Lyrical abstraction” best describes my landscapes, specifically the “driving series”. Pushing and pulling the paint, colors, structure, line, movement, speed and light are important components. These pieces are a direct result of my connection with the land and my fondness for adventures down unknown roads.

Then there are the “expressive” animal paintings. These appear to be very light-hearted and sometimes fantastical, they push the boundaries between whimsical abstraction and representational. Iconic forms of chickens, rabbits, ducks and owls are painted loosely and usually in one sitting. There might be 3 or 4 attempts before I get a successful piece. A meditation in part, I can’t be interrupted once I start a piece.

3 very distinct styles but if you look closely you can see my fingerprints all over them.


Life in rural SE Pennsylvania in the 60’s and 70’s with 7 siblings, 12 dogs, 4 cats, 5 horses, and some chickens and goats in the mix was a good foundation for the life Leah leads as an artist today. A graduate of Syracuse University with a BFA, where she learned the basic skills of painting and drawing, but the actual understanding of the process came years later with her studies at the Art Students League of New York.

Leah’s exhibits her work numerous places including the Good Gallery Kent CT, 3 Pears Gallery Dorset, VT, and McCartee’s Barn, Salem NY. Her work is also in several private collections and public venues including Saratoga Hospital in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Leah says of her work: “I like to paint the familiar with a touch of the fantastical. I am always fascinated by the way an individual line or gesture of a shape can always tell the story so the rest is pure creativity.”

Today Leah splits her time between her work in NYC as Exhibition Outreach Program Director at the Art Students League of New York and her studio/home in Salem, NY.


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