CU3BE ON CUBE NO.V....primeval 3 bye 3
19"Hx19"x9" - wood/marble/copper leaf - 2015
CUBE ON CUBE NO. IX - Take the earth or take the sky, go down below or go up above, there isno difference, it is the same...
34"Hx29"x9" -wood/copper leaf - 2015
40"Hx14"x14" - wood/copper leaf - 2016
37"Hx14"x7" - wood/copper leaf - 2016
CUBE ON CUBE NO. III ...a strip of sunlight narrowing, images blur and then darkness...
38"Hx13"x9" - wood/copper leaf - 2015
CUBE ON CUBE NO.VII ...There was Rome and Constantinople, Major key and Minor key, Recto/Verso...Reflections in Yellow...
34"Hx16"x9" - wood/copper leagf - 2015
CUBE ON CUBE NO. II ...How is this and how is that, who is Red Riding Hood and who is the wolf,and what should be and what should not be...
31"Hx16"x12" - wood/steel/copper leaf - 2015
CUBE ON CUBE NO.VIII...Two turrets facing east and west...
27"Hx16"x9" - wood/copper leaf - 2015
20"Hx9"x11" - wood/copper leaf - 2014
CUBE ONCUBE NO.10...and in the midst of all dwells the sun...the end and the beginning...
29"Hx27"x10" - wood/copper leaf - 2015


.Voice tells me…“do this“… I do this…Voice tells me…” do that“…” I do that…“Now work on it“… I work on it…“Now finish it“… I finish it…I trust that the voice is a good voice and that it will also resonate with you looking at this eclectic congregation..

Gyula Varosy was born in Hungary and came to the US as a refugee in 1957.settling with his family in Buffalo, NY, doing high school there. After receiving degrees in Architecture from Pratt Institute and Harvard University, he lived and worked in NYC, working on public housing and community development designs with various firms and on his own practice.. Setting up a studio to draw and sculpt was parallel in time to architecture..
He and his wife Hannie, their toddler and a new baby, moved upstate to a calmer and more reflective environment, to pursue their art . Settling in Greenwich, NY in 1990 in an old farmhouse with a run-down, 19th century barn started a new existence.
Apart from working as a consultant in architecture, renovating the barn into an office/studio/workshop was the initiation to a new artistic involvement. This was the beginning of a return to sculpture with wood as the major material – a block of wood and a chisel to find what is hidden inside…Sculpture became the central endeavor….

The gallery that Gyula designed for his and Hannie’s work, shows the efforts and results of the last 20 years.  Come visit…



Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY Bachelor of Architecture – 1966
Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart, Germany Fulbright Fellowship – 1967
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Master of Architecture – 1968

Hyde Museum, Glens Falls NY Hudson-Mohawk Regional Group Show 2016
Laffer Gallery, Schuylerville, NY Two Person Show 2016
Open Studio Tour of Washington County – Founding participant/bi-annual since 2007
Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY Two Person Show – 2015 Artisan’s Market – Small Gallery, Cambridge NY Solo Exhibit – 2014
ASA Landscapes for Land’s Sake, Cambridge, NY Group Exhibit – 2014-2015
Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT Solo Exhibit – 2014
Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT Group Exhibit – 2009 thru 2015
Saratoga Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY Group Exhibits – 2012/2013
Gallery 668, Cambridge, NY Group Exhibit – 2012
House of Creative Soul, Saratoga Springs, NY Group Exhibit – 2010/2011
Riverfront Studios Gallery – Schuylerville, NY Group Exhibit – 2011/2012
80 Washington Square East Galleries – New York, NY Group Exhibit – 2008
Riverfront Studios Gallery – Schuylerville, NY 5-Person Exhibit – 2010
Saratoga Amtrak Station Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY 3-Person Exhibit – 2006
Riverfront Studios Gallery – Schuylerville, NY 4-Person Exhibit – 2006
Valley Artisan’s Market/Small Gallery – Cambridge, NY Group Exhibit – 2004
Maple Ridge Gallery – Cambridge, NY Group Exhibit – 2003/2005
Berkshire Artisans, Lichtenstein Center for the Arts – Pittsfield, MA 2-Person Exhibit – 2002
Lapham Gallery – LARAC Glens Falls, NY 4-Person Exhibit – 2002
New York University-Broadway Windows Gallery New York, NY Solo Exhibit – 2001
The Arts Center Gallery-S.C.A.C. Saratoga Springs, NY – 2-Person Exhibit – 2000
Northeast Regional – Schenectady Museum – Group Exhibit – 2000
Valley Artisan’s Market/Small Gallery – Cambridge, NY – Solo Exhibit – 1999
Art Fair ‘98 – Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY – Group Exhibit – 1998

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