Wide Rimmed Large Bowl
Transparent and temoku glaze with Red brush work
Wide Rimmed Large Bowl
Shino glaze with wax resist
Wide Rimmed Large Bowl
Leopard Shino glaze with red brushwork
Wide Rimmed Large Vase
Deep red glaze with blue center
Large Platter
Temoku glaze with red and rutile brushwork
Wide Rimmed Large Bowl
Shino glaze with red brushwork and wax resist
Orange Peel Shino Glaze with red brushwork
Large Platter
Temoku glaze frame with red, transparent and wax resist brushwork
Tall Vase
Leopard skin Shino glaze
Large round vase
Deep red glaze with blue highlights
Large Round Vase
Larry's Matte Black Glaze
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I belong to the tradition of vessel makers. I work in clay, on the wheel, forming containers for flowers, food, air. Clay is the skin to contain a volume, the line to draw a profile. I think of long tall vessels as forms that stand as a person, defining and incorporating space. I feel a kinship with Chinese ceramics and like to sketch vases to understand the success of their curves, the space they envelop and the space they exclude. I think of platters as canvas for color and, with their concave shape, as holders of volumes beyond themselves as the line they begin to define is completed in the mind. I think of glazing as painting, as landscape, seascape, night sky. I layer and juxtapose color and texture, incorporating the breaking-up effects of glaze on glaze, working with or against the geometry of wheel thrown pieces. I fire to cone 10 reduction. There are the surprises in the final piece – subtleties of proportion, stance, interaction of color and object, serendipitous melding of glaze, oxide and flame pattern. And always there is the tradition of the gifts of the kiln.

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