“I have always had an affinity for pairing dissimilar materials to create new and unusual relationships between form and function. I’m interested in the synergy and beauty that arise when seemingly unrelated materials coexist.”

John Begin’s studio in Washington County serves as a laboratory for experimentation in wood, metal, glass, and other materials. Here, culling from his three decades of experience in fine carpentry and woodworking, John explores combining elements of the natural world with elements found in industry. His goal is to create beautifully-crafted one-of-a kind pieces which evoke a desire to interact with the work on both a cognitive and physical level. People often find as much pleasure in puzzling over a piece’s architecture as they do in running their hands over its shapes and contours.

John & Gigi at home…
Artists John and Gigi Begin realized their dream of finding a rural setting where they could settle in, raise their four children and focus on what they love to do, Create!  The duo quickly found their niche.  Combining their NYC metro style with the bucolic country side their artistic vision took shape. “we often say, we, when talking about our work since we collaborate on most everything we make, it just feels right” says Gigi.  “There is no shortage of ideas and amazing materials to collect and incorporate into paintings, furniture and or sculptural pieces” adds John when asked about their creative process.    The pair brings their unique design, creative and technical skills to the studio from their eclectic professional backgrounds.  Gigi a graduate of FIT and career fashion designer and John a builder, woodworker and designer bridge the gap between rustic and contemporary while still honoring both.  “striking a balance between the two keeps it new and challenging”.  Working with diverse material like salvaged wood, tree limbs, metals and glass sets the stage for the  creation of truly unique works of art.  “our life is a work in progress” exclaims Gigi while painting contently in the couples design studio.  Life in the country with roots in the city really agrees with these artists in residence.

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12 Division Street, Cambridge, NY