Meet the Artists of Washington County, New York

Open studios of washington county

Friday July 19 - sunday july 21, 2019

11am to 5pm Fri, 10am to 5pm Sat & Sun

Rebecca Sparks

Studio Location

29 County Route 64A Shushan, NY 12873

Artist Statement

Every turn in the road in Washington County reveals another breathtakingly beautiful scene. Living on the Battenkill, I see a whole world floating by every day. I watch the birds doing their mating dances in the spring, watch the babies following their parents down the river and often flying away for the winter. Year-round, I watch the eagles hunting on the river, the crows having discussions on the lawn and hear the owls hooting. These have been a major inspiration on my work.


I have always had a need to create. My first career lasting over 20 years was as a knitwear designer.  Soon after retiring from that career I started my sojourn into ceramics. I have had great teachers and mentors. In NYC I am part of the community at Greenwich House Pottery. When I bought my house in Shushan 10 years ago, the first construction was to create a studio. As I work, I look out from my studio at a beautiful red barn, the ever-changing Battenkill and hear  the many birds stopping by with a friendly tweet.

29 County Road 64A Shushan, NY 12873