Meet the Artists of Washington County, New York

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Friday July 19 - sunday july 21, 2019

Jacob Houston

Studio Location
2432 State Route 29
Greenwich, NY 12834
(518) 692-2244

Artist Statement

It would be hard for me to imagine ending up in a career other than one in the creative arts field. I consider myself mostly a self-taught artist. In fact, many of the gallery owners and artists that I know have told me to stick with my own distinct style rather taking art classes that might make my creations less unique. Presently twenty-four years old, I can still feel excitement in my creations just as I did as a preschooler. My decision to make art my lifetime profession began as early as the 5th grade when I made my first commission. In high school, I began my art business- Jacob Houston Art- and I have been working to expand it ever since. My dream is to one day build my own art gallery.

I specialize in acrylic paintings of the local countryside as well as distant cityscapes, favoring vibrant colors and unique perspectives- often from high in the air, looking down at my subject. Recreating architectural styles has always been a strong interest of mine. I enjoy the challenges that the angles on buildings, the small details, and the lighting aspects bring to my art. Having grown up in a rural setting, countryside vistas also play a large part in my subject selection. Another feature of my art is that it often tells a story with its attention to minute details.

Finding inspiration from my love of travel, many of my creations reflect my perception of the places I have visited. Painting every day brings me a sense of peace that I cannot find anyplace else.

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